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the reason dogs are my favorite animals….. 




it’s always “some” women/men, i mean god forbid you generalize or you might actually point to a social structure *gasps and clutches pearls*


"Voldemort Umbridge Potter, you were named after the two worst people I know because frankly you annoy the shit out of me"

❝It’s probably the best way to go out. I think John’s death signaled that it was time to leave, for all of us. We were the parents. We were the oldest guys. We had been around the longest and we lost one of us. It’s hard to go on without a family.❞
( Martin Sheen, Edmonton Journal, May 14, 2006 (via acalmleopard))



I’m dying.




I’m dying.

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still a little heated that the ancient alan alda running for president is apparently fine but hillary clinton period jokes are still a thing

  • What I said: Watch this show it's really good
  • What I meant: For the love of God please watch this I need friends who understand my pain I need someone to talk about it with that hasn't heard all my opinions a billion times please I am begging you


How do you feel about doing a one man show versus acting with the large cast from The West Wing? Is it strange going out alone?

Richard Schiff: I loved the people I worked with on The West Wing, phenomenal actors. We’d feed each other. If you get a little lost or you’re searching for a little inspiration all you’ve got to do is hook into Allison [Janney, who played CJ] and you’re right back in it. That’s what you do on stage… It’s like being on a great basketball team and all of a sudden you find yourself alone under the basket and the guy got you the ball. That’s his job. You make the great play but it’s all because the other guy set you up. You don’t have that in a one-person show. So it’s very different and it’s much harder. I think it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done creatively in my life. It’s very, very different and very challenging and very rewarding in its own way.

What can you share with us about your experience performing on The West Wing, with that cast, creating that character?

RS: This experience with these particular people was phenomenal. Martin Sheen is probably one of the best human beings I’ve ever met, John Spencer one of the most loving, he was a man who adored acting. And Allison Janney is as talented as they come. Wonderful actors would come and be guests on our show and they were just all very grateful for [series writer and producer] Aaron Sorkin’s words and the phenomenal stories that we were able to write and the level of quality.

If someone said pick a play and parts for yourself and Allison Janney, what would you choose?

RS: We did for charity a fundraiser for the theatre festival in California. They gave me half of Death Of A Salesman and I was playing Willy Loman and Allison was playing Linda, his wife. I’ve always been very attracted to that play and very moved by it. Working with Allison on stage with that play, people who reacted to it said oh my God you guys have to do this play at some point, which would be fine by me.

Also, I’ve always told Allison that she and I should do this little one-act by Bernard Shaw. There’s these two people on a shipliner, who – as they call it in those days – make love on the deck, which is their way of saying they shamelessly flirt with each other, and they’re both married. I always thought this would be a blast to do it with Allison. The honest truth is, whatever Allison wants to do with me on stage, I’m there.

Is there a scene or episode in The West Wing that you consider to be your best/most memorable, and why?

RS: There are a couple that always come to mind. [Allison] was doing this episode about her father and she kind of broke down and she looked at me, tears were still in her eyes after the scene was done. She gave me a big hug and said I couldn’t have done this with anyone else so thank you. I had a similar scene a couple of years later in the episode in which my brother had committed suicide and I had the scene where I break down. I remember the way it unfolded I couldn’t control myself, I couldn’t stop, I was so vulnerable. I went right back at her and I said ‘you know what, you once said you couldn’t do this particular scene [without me] well there is no one on this earth I could have done this with, except you. So that’s memorable for me.

………’s gonna take me a few decades to recover from reading this. thank you and goodbye. (x


It’s weird that pirates would go from shore to shore looking for buried treasure when the real treasure was in the friendships they were making

“That seems sort of harmless but then it kind of gets a little darker and sort of accuses these young pop artists of being part of this cycle where girls read magazines, feel terrible about themselves ‘cause its says “you should be skinnier, you should be prettier”. They feel terrible, and then these pop stars tell them that they’re perfect and that they’re beautiful and they buy the songs and then the popstar’s on the cover of the magazine so they buy a magazine again and it’s sort of this vicious cycle and I sort of implied he’s working for Satan or whatever.”

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  • Reporter: Could you describe your relationship with the president?
  • CJ: Just good friends, Katie.

  • BARCLAY: Are you aware of how many gay women admire your character?
  • JANNEY: It’s not just lesbians. I think all women love C.J. because she’s a woman in power and she’s strong and sexy and still a woman.